Issues, Etc. & Financial Transparency

Issues, Etc. was a strong gospel outreach radio program that was unexpectedly terminated by its superiors during Holy Week.  The LCMS leadership later claimed the sudden termination was mainly for financial reasons, but nonetheless had failed to ask for any donations to save the popular show.

The staff of Issues, Etc. plan an independent return to radio in late June; and their new organization, Lutheran Public Radio, will have full financial transparency.

The LCMS radio station, KFUO, continues to earn an “F” grade from Ministry Watch for financial transparency.  Todd Wilken, the terminated host of Issues, Etc., had attempted to get the proper forms filled out for Ministry Watch, but that job was above his pay grade.  Here is the clip from Wittenberg Media:

God willing, Issues, Etc. will be back, independent, and directly supported by its listeners.  For this purpose they have reestablished their website at Issues  There they have pictures of their new radio home, a sneak preview of the show’s new journal, and a document fully disclosing all their finances.

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