Missing Crucifix

Missing Crucifix

St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church crucifix is missing.  It was about three feet tall with a black corpus.

The crucifix hung in our church basement since before I can remember; and I would like to write an article about my reaction to that particular crucifix when I was a child and how even though the truth is not always pretty we still need the truth to be proclaimed; and I would like to illustrate the story with pictures of that crucifix.

If anyone knows of its whereabouts, please contact the staff at St. Peter Lutheran Church; Appleton, WI.

Common Cup Lost

Our common cup is also lost.  If anyone knows where that is, please contact the pastors.  We would like to at least display it for our 140th anniversary.  Thank you.

Pulpit not Lost

Our pulpit is under a giant TV, but at least we know where it is.