Reformation Sunday 2008 Sermon

On Reformation Sunday 2008 A.D., Pastor Glende preached a sermon about the future of our congregation.  We are 140 years old, and celebrated this milestone with a sermon series about our past, present, and future.  Reformation Sunday’s sermon was about our future.

During the sermon, Pastor asked us to write on two pieces of paper:

  • On the first piece of paper, we were supposed to write one thing we would change about our congregation.  So I wrote that our church needed “more Gospel/Jesus.”
  • On the second piece of paper we were supposed to write the name of a person we would like to come to our church and an idea for getting them to attend.  So I wrote the name of a friend & “tradition.”  (By “tradition” I meant to say respectful reverent worship of God).  Most of the people in this area and in my circle are Roman Catholic, and while they have expressed sympathy for the Gospel of Jesus Christ they have also expressed deep offense at the way we handle the Lord’s Supper.

Here is the sermon, it is 19 minutes long: