“Australia” Movie Review

Australia” was released on Thursday, November 26, 2008, and it was about time.  It has been a long time since someone made a movie in the grand old Hollywood tradition.  I saw all the trailers, and this movie wasn’t what I expected, it was more fun.

Often when rating movies, it’s just a question of comparison:  Is this movie better than than that one?  There aren’t many contemporary movies that even compete in the category of old fashioned exuberance; but even with competition, “Australia” would rank near the top.

It’s a long movie at 165 minutes with a complete third act, but I think well worth the full ride.

Romance, action, adventure, bright Hollywood stars, good dialogue, good acting, good cinematography, overall excellent.  The average professional critic gave “Australia” a C+, but I’m not a professional critic, and my only criteria for grading a movie is how much I enjoyed it.  On the enjoyment scale, I gave “Australia” about four out of four stars.  And from all the female moaning and sighing in the theater, I could tell the women enjoyed it too.