Issues, Etc. 2008 Blogs of the Week

issueswidget-khaki-2In August 2008 Issues, Etc.™ started a new feature called “Blog of the Week.”  Every Friday, the host and producer each chose their favorite blog post from that week, talked about it a little, and then posted its link in the on demand section of their website.

This gave certain blogs a chance to receive wider exposure than they normally would.  I enjoyed reading the posts, and look forward to this segment of the show in 2009.

In order to qualify, a blog must display the Issues, Etc. widget found in the promote section of their website.  However, because WordPress disables Javascript, the Widgetbox widgets don’t work here.  So these widgets are homemade.  (That is the same reason that the Issues, Etc. embedded player does not work here).

Issues, Etc. can be heard on Pirate Christian Radio.

Here are the 2008 Issues, Etc. blogs of the week:

December 12:

December 5:

November 21:

November 14:

November 7:

October 31:

October 24:

October 10:

October 3:

September 26:

September 19:

September 12:

September 5:

August 29:

August 22:

August 15:

August 8:

August 1: