This We Believe – Book of Concord

Here are some excerpts from “This We Believe: A Statement of Belief of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod” (WELS):

13.  We believe that the three ecumenical creeds (the Apostles,’ the Nicene, and the Athanasian) as well as the Lutheran Confessions as contained in the Book of Concord of 1580 express the true doctrine of Scripture.  Since the doctrines they confess are drawn from Scripture alone, we are bound to them in our faith and life.  Therefore all preaching and teaching in our churches and schools must be in harmony with these confessions, and we reject all the errors that they reject.


17.  We reject every effort to reduce the confessions contained in the Book of Concord to historical documents that do not have binding confessional significance for the church today. . .

(This We Believe; section I, “God and His Revelation” paragraphs 13 & 17, 1999 A.D.  Emphasis added).