“Madea Goes to Jail” Movie Review

I saw Tyler Perry’s “Madea Goes to Jail” on opening night, and since then have thought that I should write a movie review.  I definitely enjoyed this movie, but what exactly can you say about a movie in which a 6’3″ elderly grandma gets in physical fights with police officers?

One has to enjoy that kind of humor.  There is a scene where Madea virtually dares the judge to throw her in jail, then she turns to her lawyer and says, “What kind of lawyer are you?  You’re supposed to get me off!”  In my book, that is hilarious.

Tyler Perry’s movies generally have a good social and moral message, and half this movie is very serious, but I wouldn’t see it for its theological content.  If you do see it, see it because you are in the right mood, enjoy this kind of humor, and would like a few laughs.