“Knowing” Movie Review

Knowing” is a creepy, mysterious, end of the world thriller staring Nicolas Cage.  I thought the movie was pretty good and enjoyed the questions that came up about destiny, doom, and chance.  Can anyone know the future?  Is the future fluid or predetermined?

One aspect of a good movie is the ability to provoke thought within the viewers after they have left the theater.  This movie is a mystery, so I’ll try to not give too much away, but I definitely had thoughts upon leaving the theater.  Were the final scenes supposed to be merely a Hollywood special effects extravaganza and nothing more?  Or were the final scenes intended to be theologically symbolic?

Roger Ebert rated this movie four out of four stars, but the average professional critic rated it only two out of four stars.  I’d give it almost three stars.  “Knowing” isn’t the greatest movie ever made, and it doesn’t answer most of the questions it raises, but if you are looking for a creepy but interesting and somewhat fun movie to see in the theater or rent next Halloween, this is one to consider.

“Knowing” is rated PG-13 “for disaster sequences, disturbing images, and brief strong language.”