WELS, the Word, and the ELCA

The so-called “Evangelical Lutheran Church in America” (ELCA) approved of homosexuality at its 2009 convention in Minneapolis, MN.  Many saw the upside-down cross on the steeple of the church the convention was using.  (The Tornado, the Lutherans, and Homosexuality).  There is no more fitting symbol for the ELCA than a broken steeple and an upside-down cross.

From its inception, the ELCA has rejected and undermined the authority of the Word of God.  Without the authority of God’s Word, it is only a matter of time before we sinners start calling good evil and evil good.  That is why it is so dangerous when conservative Lutherans start trusting in methods instead of the Word of God to grow the Church.  Every time we replace the Word of God with a fluffy love song, and every time pastor preaches a “serminar” containing six practical steps to overcome life’s challenges instead of proclaiming the true law and gospel; then we (like the ELCA) are saying that the Word of God is not to be trusted.

That is why it was encouraging to hear the reports delivered at the WELS 2009 biennial convention that condemned the so-called Church Growth Movement.  Those reports deserve to be studied by everyone in the WELS.  The WELS is not immune to sin.  The WELS is not likely to endorse homosexuality, but mere opposition to homosexuality is not a way to heaven.  The Word of God is the only way to heaven.

If we abandon the Word of God for “Church Growth Methods,” then the ELCA’s fate will be our fate.  The road may look different, but the destination will be the same.  Therefore, even in the face of ridicule and persecution, we must study the word of God and trust the Word of God.

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