Pilgrim Hope Obamicons


These are a couple of self portraits.  Apparently, everyone has been making these obamicons.  They are fun.

I learned about this from another Lutheran blogger, and you can get your own obamicon here.

I entitle these posters “Pilgrim feet” and “Hope in Christ for the future.”


In this world, we are pilgrims journeying to a heavenly land.  In Christ, we leave behind our original homelands, families, and even our own earthly lives for the promise of something better.

On our journey, we tell others this good news about Jesus: he paid our ransom debt, and he is The Way.  We face hardship, as he did, but through him our feet keep walking, and our eyes stay focused on him because he is our hope for the future.

The player below is from SoundCloud, hands down the best audio widget for WordPress.com.

Pilgrim feet walk to the beat.