WLC 2009 Christmas Concert

The above picture is of the stage at Wisconsin Lutheran College right before the concert began.

The program opened with “A New Magnificat” by Carolyn Jennings.  This was one of my favorite songs of the evening.

After that was the Christmas Address entitled “Magnifying God in Person,” by the Rev. Dr. Gregory Schulz, Professor of Philosophy.  This address was about how Christians sing together throughout time: on earth, in heaven, in the past, in the present, and for all eternity.  As each generation adds its voices, the melodic arpeggios of the historic Church become more complete.

When Mary sang her Magnificat, she was expressing the culmination of all the Old Testament voices in anticipation of the Messiah.  Christians today and until the end of time will continue to add their voices harmoniously to the eternal chorus until it reaches its final culmination at Christ’s return.  This is a beautiful thought.

There were many other songs, some traditional and some experimental.  I prefer the traditional carols with the full chorus and a full accompaniment of ringing bells and vibrating strings, with everyone singing as loudly and joyfully as possible.  The final carol of the evening, “Angels We Have Heard On High,” did just that.  It was a foreshadowing of that heavenly culminating chorus.

May we add our voices to the joyful chorus of the historic Church in heaven and on earth along with all the angels and the full heavenly host singing to the glory of our King, who even as a tiny baby was worthy to receive honor and power and glory and praise forever.