St. Peter’s Upcoming Call Meeting

St. Peter church in Appleton/Freedom, WI has scheduled a meeting for December 14, 2009 to discuss calling a new pastor.  However, our congregation still has not been informed as to why Pastor Christenson left after only seven months.

On December 1, 2009, I met with Pastor Christenson for over two hours.  According to Pastor Christenson, not one member of our church council approached him to inquire as to why he was leaving.  Pastor Christenson had approached our church president, Mr. Denny, to discuss the problems with our ministry and practices here at St. Peter.  However, according to Pastor Christenson, President Denny acted as though he did not care.

Pastor Christenson had a divine call, and he took that call seriously.  So should we.  He had to ask for another call as a result of extremely serious problems with the ministry and practice here at St. Peter.  Pastor Christenson should not be blamed for leaving, he needed to leave for his own spiritual health and the spiritual safety of his family.

However, Pastor Christenson does have a duty to speak and to tell the truth and the whole truth no matter the cost.  Here are some suggested questions for our church council to ask Pastor Christenson:

  1. Why did you leave St. Peter after only seven months?
  2. What did your wife do after first hearing Pastor Glende preach on Maundy Thursday?
  3. How do you evaluate the preaching of justification at St. Peter?

According to Pastor Christenson, his definition of contemporary worship is not the same as Pastor Skorzewski’s and Pastor Glende’s definition of contemporary worship.  Pastor Christenson is a believer in contemporary forms of worship, and would often play the guitar.  However, he also believes that it is important to have good practices, and to preach Christ crucified and the true Law and Gospel.

The preaching of Christ crucified through the true Law and Gospel has been sorely lacking here at St. Peter.


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