First Winter Wonderland of December 2009

One foot of snow that was both fluffy and sticky fell on December 10, 2009.

Even the slenderest branches were piled under inches of soft snow.  I didn’t start taking pictures until later in the day, after much of the snow had already fallen off the trees, but it was still very pretty.

The wind caused large clumps of fluffy snow to cascade down and explode in poofs of soft crystalline white.

May God bless you this Winter and always.


4 thoughts on “First Winter Wonderland of December 2009

  1. As a native El Pasoan, I can attest to the fact that snowfall is rare. I remember only a handfull of times when it happened during the 20 years I lived there. However, living in NE Wisconsin nowadays, I hesitate to call what I experienced “snow.”

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