“One King”

Kings of earth on a course unknown
Bearing gifts from afar,
Hoping, praying,
Following yonder star.

Silhouette of a caravan
Painted against the sky.
Wise men searching
For the Holy Child.

A star hangs over Bethlehem,
A journey ends in the night.
Three kings trembling,
Behold the glorious sight.

One king held the frankincense,
One king held the myrrh,
One king held the purest gold,

And one king held the hope of the world.

— “One King,” by Jeff & Gayla Borders, and Lowell Alexander.

I first heard these lyrics on A Christmas Story, an album by the Christian singing group Point of Grace.  I am always struck by that last line.  Three magi gave precious gifts to Jesus, but Jesus gave them and the entire world the most precious gift of all: peace with God.

Happy Epiphany!