Issues, Etc. Blogs of the Week 2009 (2nd)

issueswidget-khaki-2After Issues, Etc.™ returned to the broadcast airwaves, they started a new feature called “Blog of the Week.”  Every Friday, the host and producer each chose their favorite blog post from the past week, talked about it, and then posted the links in the on demand section of their website.  All the chosen posts are worth reading.

In order to qualify, a blog must display the Issues, Etc. widget found in the promote section of their website.

Issues, Etc. can also be heard on Pirate Christian Radio.  Pirate Christian Radio is the best Christian radio station.  Listen to it.

Here are the Issues, Etc. blogs of the week from July through December 2009:

July 10:

July 31:

August 14:

August 21:

August 28:

September 4:

September 11:

September 18:

September 25:

October 16:

October 23:

October 30:

November 6:

November 13:

November 20:

December 4:

December 11:

December 18: