Spring Fire

I took this picture in an attempt to capture a tongue of flame image for Pentecost.  This picture may not be suitable for Pentecost, but I do think it is a pleasing image.  Fire has its own sort of beauty.

I often wonder what the fires of Pentecost and the Old Testament were.  Moses saw a burning bush that did not burn.  What kind of fire does not burn or consume?  Will there be fire in heaven?  Instead of burning and consuming, will heaven’s fire build and heal?  If so, that would not be the first time God used something that was known to destroy, to heal.  The cross.

Death came from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  But life came from a tree of death: the cross.

On the cross, Christ suffered the fire of hell and death.  But the cross and death of Christ were like the burning bush of Moses, they did not consume.  By his cross, he heals.