Why don’t we see God in His glory?

The above picture is of the sun shining through clouds.  The dark silhouettes at the bottom are tree tops.

One of the purposes of Light from Light is to share past writings with another audience.  Atheism and different types of evidence have been recent topics here:

Continuing in a related vein, here is a letter of mine that was published in the Appleton Post-Crescent on January 9, 2008:

• God the world needs not one perceived by visible power:

Recently, many letters in the paper have said that God does not exist.  Most demand a physical sign.

What if almighty God did appear in majesty and glory?  What if God did demonstrate his terrible power?  All the people in the world would become “believers,” but our hearts would not be changed.

We would all serve this visible God, but not out of love.  We would serve Him out of fear of his power or greed for his wealth.  One way or another, eventually his mere presence would force us all into obedience.

In the end, we would all be thralls, toadies, and slaves.  Is this the God the atheists want?  Consider the forms of government the atheists have established:  From the Reign of Terror to communism, they have been murderously totalitarian.

If this is not the God or the government we want, then we should not demand that the Christian God behave that way in order for us to believe in Him.

God is not our puppet.  And the fact that we do not fully understand His behavior is a poor argument that He does not exist.  Any “God” that men could fully understand, would be no god at all.

Instead of mighty miracles that create only toadies, God gives us words: words of truth.  (Exodus 8:19, 1 Kings 19:11-13, & John 6:26).  Even a whisper of truth is mighty with invisible power.

We may not believe the eyewitness testimony of the apostles; but if testimony is valid evidence for judges, juries, journalists, and historians; then it should be valid evidence for us all.  We can demand to see the God of Sinai, but we need the God of the manger in Bethlehem.  We need Jesus who is the Word of truth made flesh.  (John 1:1).