Concordia for Confirmands 2010 A.D.

In a previous post entitled Concord and Confirmation 2010, all WELS congregations in the Northern Wisconsin District that did not already give copies of the Book of Concord to their confirmands were invited to receive free copies.  This offer resulted in forty-seven copies of the Book of Concord being given to WELS confirmands in the Northern Wisconsin District.

Cindy Ramos, a reader, sent in the above picture and the following comments:

Today was Confirmation Day at St. Paul.  We attended the early service, and confirmation was happening in the late service.  The Books of Concord were already on a table at the front of the church, ready to be handed out to the confirmands during the service.  I took some photos, since I figured that’s what you would have done.

Pastor Zabell included a couple of paragraphs in the bulletin explaining the Book of Concord

I heard one lady mention that she wished somebody had given her one, and I was happy to tell her that she could borrow it from the church library.  Another lady told me that she wants to read the Book of Concord after she finishes the book she’s reading now.  At least one of them said they had never heard of the BOC before.  It seems this gift to the confirmands really helps to raise awareness of the Lutheran Confessions, and hopefully some of our laypeople will be moved to find out more…

May God bless those who received copies of the Lutheran Confessions and all confirmands throughout the WELS.


3 thoughts on “Concordia for Confirmands 2010 A.D.

  1. The Lutheran Church was grounded in the confessions of the Book Of Concord. Without these teachings we would be the Generic Reformed Synod. All confirmands and adult new members should recieve a copy. The sectaian groups that are rebuked in the BOC, are still with us today.(only repackaged) Too many of our brothers want to change the church. Gold pendants are luxuries and T-shirts with your church logo is a nice gesture. However, Confessional Lutheran teachings are priceless and a must have. May God bless all the new confirmands!

    In Christ,
    Rebecca Quam-WELS

  2. Many who are not well-informed about the Lutheran Confessions wonder, “Isn’t the Bible enough? Why do we need the Book of Concord?” I recently came across one of the best short defenses of the Lutheran Confessions that I’ve ever read:

    It does not suffice simply to assert, “I believe what the Bible teaches.” The earliest creeds of the Church were formulated against the claims of heretics who firmly and clearly stated they were teaching what the Bible teaches. The Bible is God’s Word to us. Confession is our clear response and accounting to God and to the world regarding what His Word says.

    (Matthew C. Harrison, Christ Have Mercy: How to Put Your Faith in Action, Concordia Publishing House, 2008, p. 160.)

    Between man and God, the Bible is enough – enough for faith and salvation. Among men, additional confessions are needed when our understanding of the Bible differs.

  3. Thanks again for providing this wonderful gift to willing congregations in your District.

    All I can say is — I wish you were in my District so that I could take advantage of this offer!

    It’s great to have a gift of such substance to offer confirmands. I’ve been doing it now for three confirmation seasons and plan to until Christ comes again.

    Grace and peace!

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