Reader Appreciation 2010

Recently, my old computer was struck by lightning.  This has been a blessing because I am upgrading to all new Windows 7 computers.  (This sentence is currently being typed on a new Compaq laptop computer from Best Buy).  However, restoring all the old files continues to be an ongoing task.

The main body of this post was adapted from a previous post before the lightning strike, however, I didn’t get around to posting it.  Nonetheless, I do appreciate the people who visit Light from Light, and hope that they are blessed by their visit.  Writing about spiritual matters has been a blessing for me, and it is my prayer that the Word of Christ will always be in the Church’s ears, in her mouth (both echoed and eaten), and in her heart.  Here is my message of appreciation:

When other blogs reach a milestone, they sometimes ask readers to introduce themselves.  Light from Light is a modest web-log, but it did recently pass a readership statistical milestone involving a two, a five, and some zeros; and I would like to thank the readers.

Instead of asking the readers to state their name, city, and occupation; just like last year, I thought it might be fun to ask the readers to post a YouTube video.  Posting a YouTube video in the comments is easy:  Just copy and paste the video’s URL into the message at the end.

Now I’ll wait, and hope that the readers have enough enthusiasm to generate at least one response.  Actually, even if no one responds, this will give me the opportunity to let people know that this blog is still alive, and to post at least one enjoyable video.

Hopefully, Light from Light‘s two or three readers don’t all use dial-up.


5 thoughts on “Reader Appreciation 2010

  1. I like your video – good punch line. Let me be the first of your 2.5 million readers to post a response. Here’s a little James Blunt, geometry, and Sesame Street.

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