Unauthorized Publication

Recently, a non-WELS blogger published, without my permission, a 29 page letter that I wrote to my pastors and church council last year.  However, I gave no one permission to publish my letter, neither did I send my letter to anyone other than those to whom it was addressed.

I immediately sent a respectful e-mail to this other blogger asking him to not publish my letter.

Without ever having communicated with me, this blogger has also publicly speculated about the synod officials’ response to my letter.

This sort of behavior is morally wrong and not to be commended in any way.  It is also disorderly.  (James 3:17-18).

Those who take it upon themselves to publish a year old letter without permission, and who have no information about what has transpired over the last year, behave in an irresponsible manner.

2 thoughts on “Unauthorized Publication

  1. Hi Rick,

    I did happen to read that letter, and despite your misgivings about that publishing, I have to admit, I found it the best model for addressing doctrinal concerns I’ve seen. I’m sure lawyering skills come into play there. However as these types of issues continue to arise, we need to see more of this.

    Imagine if laymen all over the synod could equally document and describe doctrinal error as you did. Could they be ignored for too long? I just think it could be time to consider a little more vocal admonition of this type if we wish to remain true to our confession.

    I suppose it is not encouraging to hear that your letter was inspiring to me when you would like to downplay its new found notariety, but keep up the good fight.

    Tim Niedfeldt

  2. Hey Rick,

    I understand why you’d be a little upset that your letter was published without your consent, but really, you did a great job on that letter.

    By all accounts you’ve been doing things right, and that letter was the next step in the process. Well written and full of truth. Keep it up.

    I wouldn’t let the publication of it get you mad though. Your pastor has been committing public sins by teaching false doctrine, and though you chose to go about in a private fashion, it’s completely okay that this has been brought into the open.

    It maybe wasn’t what you planned for, but I know that your clear testimony will encourage other people to stand up for the truth.


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