The Nine Spiritual Laws of White-Wine Pietism

Recently, the Intrepid Lutherans republished an excellent article by Attorney Craig Parton entitled “The New White-Wine Pietists.”  Craig Parton is a celebrated attorney, and the author of The Defense Never Rests: A Lawyer’s Quest for the Gospel.  According to Mr. Parton, the nine spiritual laws of White-Wine Pietism are:

  1. Doctrine divides.
  2. Subjectivity is spiritual.
  3. Liturgy dulls.
  4. The Sacraments are scary.
  5. Catechesis is for teenagers or intellectuals.
  6. Small groups promote “real” growth and “accountability.”
  7. Doctrinal hymns are elitist, but praise choruses edify.
  8. The Holy Spirit hates apologetics.
  9. Growth in faith comes through obedience to the law.

According to Mr. Parton, these laws are being “increasingly espoused by the ignorant and arrogant within even confessional churches.  Thus these laws are no longer being championed by fringe members of confessional churches; they are being brought in like the Trojan horse at the highest levels of influence.”

When I read those nine laws, I was shocked at how clearly I recognized that Trojan horse.  That Trojan horse is not only within the gates of the city called “Lutheranism,” the invaders have already exited the horse, opened the gates, and are sacking the city.  Where are the shepherds to defend the truth?

The full article, where Mr. Parton expounds upon each law, can be read on the Intrepid Lutherans blog.


One thought on “The Nine Spiritual Laws of White-Wine Pietism

  1. “Praise choruses edify”
    Yeah, I’d like to see that one justified!
    People who won’t pray written prayers will sing simplistic praise choruses over and over and not get the irony.
    Go figure.

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