365 Days on Flickr

One of the activities photographers engage in on Flickr is creating a photo set with one picture from every day of the year.  This helps photographers to expand their skills by challenging their abilities to shoot in different kinds of light and under different conditions.

The two pictures above were both taken at Hartman Creek in Wisconsin, on the same warm October day.  Evergreens are always colorful and photogenic.

However, not every tree is an evergreen, so sharing a beautiful photo from every day of the year in Wisconsin would be a challenge, especially if one is not particularly into self-portraiture.  Even though every day does have its own kind of beauty, some months might consist of 29 pictures of gray.

Sometimes beauty is hidden.

One October Day in the Kettle Moraine Forest:

Maybe someday I will attempt a 365 day photo project, but in the meantime I have decided that I should better utilize Flickr by posting and sharing more photographs.  The pictures below are all from one day in the Kettle Moraine Forest near New Fane, Wisconsin.

Here, a single-track mountain bike trail winds its way through the golden Kettle Moraine Forest.  In Wisconsin, October is a colorful month, and some days are worth more than one photo.

Above, a fiery warm sunset illuminates golden trees in the Kettle Moraine Forest.  The sun is at our back.

Below are three pictures of trees from the other side, with the sun towards the front of the camera:

Autumn leaves, filled with golden sunlight, glow against a dark background.

Sometimes, I think the lives of Christians are like those leaves: just as the leaves are filled with and reflect the physical light of the sun, so also our lives are filled with and reflect the spiritual light of the Son of God.

If “anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”  (Philippians 4:8, NIV 1984).

The sun sets at the Kettle Moraine Forrest near New Fane, Wisconsin.

Even if one does not take a beautiful picture every day; in Christ, every day is still a good day.

2 thoughts on “365 Days on Flickr

  1. Rick,
    What about a photograph of the same subject/place, taken at the same time of day, on every day of the year? Practically speaking a bit difficult, I suppose, but I believe an English photographer actually did this, using the steetscape outside his shop as a subject. If memory serves he did it for years – quite a fascinating record of the passing of time. I think his pics are available on the ‘net, or used to be. His real life endeavour was later used as an element of a plot on a British crime show, in which one of the photographs revealed a crucial clue which led to the solving of a murder.

  2. Mark, that’s a good idea. Here is a link to a video you might find interesting. It uses a similar concept:

    Instead of taking a picture of a particular place, this guy took pictures of himself as he walked across Asia. It is a kind of time-lapse photography that works best with video.

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