New Camera: G12

God has given me a new camera, a Canon G12, and I don’t think I’m taking it back.  Almost every picture shared here on Light from Light was taken with a Canon a550.  The a550 is an excellent camera, and I plan to still use it.  Maybe it will be transferred to hazardous duty, such as cross-country skiing and mountain biking.

I am hoping the G12 will take certain photos to the next level.  Also, the G12 will be a stepping stone for me as I continue to learn the ins and outs of photography.

Everything is in God’s hands.


5 thoughts on “New Camera: G12

  1. Enjoy!

    Say, Rick, what would you recommend for someone like me [i.e. poor and untalented ;0)] wanting to get into photography?

    I would be looking for something not too expensive, but one that easily produces pics with good definition; maybe a Canon, as they seem to be a reliable brand and offer value for money.

  2. Mark, I suppose you could start with a Canon A series camera, however, I can’t recommend any particular one. Every camera is different. The a550 was a blessing because it had a pretty good lens at a low price. The a550 actually has a greater range of aperture than the G12 (both wider and smaller).

    I think that a beginner interested in photography should at least have a mode where the user can adjust the exposure compensation (while the camera automatically adjusts the shutter speed and aperture). This allows the photographer to at least avoid over or under exposure and potentially get beautiful color.

    Photography is expensive, but at least we don’t have to pay for film and developing any more.

    God’s blessings.

  3. Thanks Rick.
    I’ve got a bit of research to do to decipher what you’re talking about!
    Btw, I have some amazingly good b & w pics taken in the 1960s on my mother’s Kodak ‘box brownie’, would you believe?

  4. Mark, I don’t know what a ‘brownie box’ is, but I do believe that excellent photographs can be made with even the most basic of cameras. Good luck on your choice.

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