The First Christmas, on Facebook

Some might find the medium funny, but I found the message to still be touching.  The method of communication may change, but the message of Truth will never change.

The video is by Igniter Media.

2 thoughts on “The First Christmas, on Facebook

  1. Rick,

    I saw the same video at a church I attended last week. I was captivated by how the originator was able to portray Joseph and Mary supposedly using today’s fast action and extremely common mode of communication (texting) to proclaim our Savior’s birth to today’s digital and cellular culture.

    Two thousand years ago St. Paul spread the Good News to the culture of his day by personally interacting with that culture, that is, becoming all things to all men and willing to put up with anything rather the hinder the Gospel of Christ. Shouldn’t we strive to do the same thing today or does our orthodoxy cause a stumbling block to reaching out with the Gospel to today’s culture?

    The answer is, quite simply, that the Message SHALL never change but the presentation MUST in order to reach lost souls. Jesus did it, Paul did it, and we should not be afraid to do it too!

    Semper Fidelis,

    P. C. Christian

  2. It is also good to remember that some Christians confuse engaging a culture to fight against it, with surrendering to the world’s culture: It is one activity to go out into the world and use words and ideas from the world’s culture to engage and fight against that culture (Acts 17:22-25, 30). It is a completely different activity to bring the world’s culture into the Church to attract its worldly adherents. The cultures of the world are the enemies of Christ. That is why God spent so many centuries shaping Israelite culture: so that some people somewhere would be ready for the Messiah. (Acts 17:26-27). As it is written: “when the time had fully come, God sent his Son …” (Galatians 4:4). Thanks.

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