“Worldview Everlasting” Contributor

Worldview Everlasting is an excellent video blog by LCMS Pastor Jonathan Fisk.  I had been intending to embed one of Worldview Everlasting’s excellent videos here on Light from Light for some time, but did not get around to it.  However, now that I am an unofficial contributor to Worldview Everlasting, it is time to show a video.  Worldview Everlasting is known in part for its frenetic style and many flashing pictures; and one of my pictures can now be counted among the many.

Please enjoy this excellent video:

The picture is of Pastor Todd Wilken at 10:01.  I really like how that picture turned out with Pastor Wilken looking toward the crucifix over his shoulder.  I had to take about 30 pictures to get just a couple that were really nice.  This picture was taken at the Brothers of John the Steadfast conference in February 2010, and additional photos from that conference can be found here.

Well, for such a small unofficial contribution, I didn’t get a credit or a link, but I’m still happy and honored to help out.  May God’s blessings be upon all the readers of Light from Light and the viewers of Worldview Everlasting here on this third day of Christmas 2010 A.D.