Public Rebuke of Pastors “Ski” and Jeske

The Intrepid Lutherans have publicly rebuked WELS Pastors Skorzewski and Jeske in a post entitled: “Dear Pastors Jeske and Ski: You are clearly in the wrong.”  This rebuke is based on Skorzewski’s and Jeske’s planned participation in an upcoming seminar entitled “Change or die.”  The Intrepid Lutherans publicly declared Pastors Skorzewski and Jeske to be wrong for two reasons.

First, the “change or die” theology is false:

The stated premise of the “Change or Die” conference is that, if a congregation properly “changes” its methodologies and image, then it will “live” in the sense of having enough members and financial resources to continue to function and grow.  If a congregation fails to “change” its methodologies and image, then it will “die” in the sense of the congregation being forced to close its doors for lack of members and money.

This teaching does not come from the Lord Jesus…  It is Christ alone who builds His Church, not by man’s changes, but through the power of his Gospel alone, by means of the Keys given to His Church…

“Change or die” stems from what Luther calls a “theology of glory.”  The concept comes, not from the Scriptures, but from deceivers – false teachers and Church Growth promoters like Baptist minister Rick Warren …

Since the premise of the “Change or Die” conference is false and promotes a false theology, [Pastors Jeske and Skorzewski] you are wrong to be participating in it.  By doing so, you are leading the Church astray into a theology of glory, and we fear that many souls will be misled.

Second, it is wrong for Pastors “Ski” and Jeske to join together with two ELCA pastors to teach “‘Lutheran’ ministry methods.”  Both of the ELCA presenters, including the Rev. Wheeler and his congregation, openly support homosexuality.

What exactly shall we learn from Rev. Wheeler?  How should we in the WELS “change” to be more like this apostate ELCA congregation?  What trendy Lutheran ministry techniques or theology shall we glean from these apostates?  How do you dare participate in a conference on Lutheran ministry side by side with those who hate Jesus?  God has only one message for these men: … “Repent or perish eternally in your sins!”  …

But instead of this clear witness to God’s Law, you are selling yourselves as fellow “change agents” together with them.  You have gone too far…  You are pursuing methods to keep the Church alive together with those who have forsaken Him who is the Life.  You are wrong to be doing this.  And you are leading souls astray …

You, Pastors Jeske and Ski, are clearly in the wrong.  Your involvement in promoting “Lutheran” ministry with apostates who hate Jesus is wrong.  And your involvement in promoting the “change or die” deception in the Church is wrong.

Pastor Skorzewski is one of the pastors with my congregation, but I still express thanks to the Intrepid Lutherans.  I agree with them.  Their entire letter is worth reading.  They are following the instructions Paul gave to Timothy:

Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction.  For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine.  Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.  [2 Timothy 4:2-3].

Kyrie eleison!


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