Happy 3rd Anniversary “Light from Light”

This web-log began on May Day of 2008, and to celebrate this anniversary here is a link (♦ click here ♦) to a slide-show of some of my photographs that have appeared here over the past three years.  In the slide-show, there is a button on the lower right to toggle full-screen mode, and on the lower left is the play-pause button.  The photos are in no particular order.

For past celebrations, I linked to some of my favorite posts from the past year, but this year I’m going to link to only one post.


The above picture is of the steeple over St. Peter Ev. Lutheran Church in Freedom, WI.  I took this photo while standing next to the grave of my Aunt Joan, who was also my godmother.  My great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents are buried in this cemetery as well as a number of other relatives.  My parents, my brothers, and I all own plots here.

Christian burial is a testament to our belief in “the Resurrection of the body.”  (The Apostles Creed).  We expect that if Christ’s Second Coming is near, then when we are raised, we will be raised next to our family members.

There are those in the WELS who say that steeples are a hindrance to church growth.  However, I believe that they are a wonderful testament to the fact that Christians in heaven and on earth all live under the cross.  Sometimes the cross we bear on earth is heavy, but Christ’s sacrifice on his cross set us free.

That brings me to the one post I’m going to link to in celebration of Light from Light’s third anniversary.  Here is the link & original title:

That post has by far and away become the most popular post on this blog.  That may not be saying much because this is a very modest blog, but lately every month it has been picking up steam.  I hope that the people who are looking at it are blessed by God in some way.  That is my prayer for all the posts on Light from Light.

God’s blessings to all the readers.


4 thoughts on “Happy 3rd Anniversary “Light from Light”

  1. Rick,

    Congratulations on your blog’s third anniversary. I find your posts interesting, gratifying, informative, and very well written. Even though on occasion we don’t agree on certain matters of the church, your comments have always been professional and from your heart. Your photos are well presented and, on occasion, are of areas that I, too, have visited. Thank you for sponsoring this dialogue of Christian thought and practice.

    P. C. Christian

  2. I also wish to congratulate you on your third year. May you continue to be a bold witness to the faith you were baptized into and learned. Continue to be strong in the faith for God will indeed continue His faithfulness to you.

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