Concordia for Confirmands 2011 A.D.

In a previous post entitled Concord and Confirmation 2011, all WELS congregations in the Northern Wisconsin District that did not already give copies of the Book of Concord to their confirmands were invited to receive free copies.  This offer resulted in forty-eight hardcover copies of the Book of Concord being given to WELS confirmands in the Northern Wisconsin District.

May God bless those who received copies of the Lutheran Confessions and all confirmands throughout the WELS.


One thought on “Concordia for Confirmands 2011 A.D.

  1. Again, thanks for making such a generous offer and gift available throughout northern Wisconsin.

    You can imagine the joy with which I gifted my confirmand today with her copy of the Book of Concord!

    In Jesus’ name,

    Pr. Benjamin Tomczak
    St. Mark Lutheran Church, Duncanville, TX

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