Day Pictures from Race the Lake 2011


In the previous post, “Race the Lake 2011,” I lamented that I failed to take a picture of my bike in front of Lake Winnebago.  But I did take some pictures that day, and wanted to share them for two reasons:  First, because I enjoy sharing pictures.  Second, to show that this blog is still active.

The picture above is of the Fond du Lac “lighthouse” at the Fond du Lac marina after the race.  I put “lighthouse” in quotation marks because I could not discern any lantern.  There are large binoculars installed in the former lantern room.  Using these large binoculars, I discovered that one can see all the way across Lake Winnebago from south to north (from the top of the lighthouse/observation tower).  Here is a picture of Lake Winnebago looking north from the tower:


Finally, here is a link to some pictures, taken of me during the race, by John M. Cooper Photography.  (My race bib number was 1510).  They were the official photographers of the race, and were stationed all along the race course.  I provide this temporary link only for those who are curious as to what I look like (while riding a bicycle 90 miles in 5 hours).

God’s blessings to all the readers of Light from Light.