Gollum’s Song


Where once was light
Now darkness falls
Where once was love
Love is no more

Don’t say—goodbye
Don’t say—I didn’t try…

These tears we cry
Are falling rain
For all the lies
You told us
The hurt, the blame!

And we will weep
To be so alone
We are lost!
We can never go home

Gollum is a little forlorn character in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.  His original name was Smeagol when he found the One Ring.  A golden ring, a precious thing that exploited his inner weakness.  With the power of The Ring (that granted invisibility and immortality among other things) his character grew inward, twisted inside itself away from people, and toward The Ring which was treasured in his heart.

This violence to his character was so complete that it cleaved him into almost two people: Smeagol and Gollum.  (Sam referred to Gollum’s two sides as “Slinker” and “Stinker”).  The two sides struggled for control, and even argued out-loud with each other.  The Gollum side often referred to itself in the plural, identifying The Ring, a precious thing, with himself.  That which we love becomes a part of us.

He is symbolic of what we become when we love things such as power, wealth, fame, or shiny gold more than other people.  It leads to hatred which is spiritual murder.  We become dark, twisted, evil, alone.  We die.


This picture shows what looks like a dark and twisted tree.  But how much different is it from a summer tree?  What it needs is warmth, water, light, life, love.  The tree cannot obtain these, rather they are gifts from God.  God gives them to the tree so that the tree will bless other people.

In the Lord of the Rings, Frodo has a good friend named Sam who always helps him.  In his turn, Frodo is kindly toward Smeagol, and protects him.  Will Gollum live in the life of Frodo’s kindness, or will he twist back in on himself?  In the books, the word gollum is a name, a behavior, and a characteristic.  Gollum’s song continues:

So in the end
I will be—what I will be
No loyal friend
Was ever there for me

Now we say—goodbye
We say—you didn’t try…

These tears you cry
Have come too late
Take back the lies
The hurt, the blame!

And you will weep
When you face the end alone
You are lost!
You can never go home

— “Gollum’s Song,” The Lord of the Rings:
The Two Towers, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

lyrics by Fran Walsh.


The sun sets behind the trees in Calumet County Park.

In Christ, we can always go home.  Christ did nothing for himself.  He did everything for us.  He is our Sam and our Frodo.  Instead of invisibility, He became incarnate and hung naked on a cross for all to see.  Instead of immortality, He died so that we might have life.

Will we repent, and live in the light of His love?

The Hobbit Movie

The official trailer for an upcoming movie based on The Hobbit is embedded below.  Gollum is at the very end: