Dreamy Air, Gentle Water, and Sharing


Soft silvery water reflects tall pine in gentle ripples through a warm dreamy air.

After taking this picture, I wasn’t sure what to think of it.  Maybe it was good, but maybe not.  Would others appreciate it?  I sent it to a friend who liked it a lot.  Her enjoyment caused me to like it a lot too.  Getting feedback is good for any artist.  Otherwise, the only reaction some pictures will ever elicit is a question: “Is this good, or not?”

Taking pictures for one’s own enjoyment can be a good hobby, but photography, as with any art, is really about communication with others.  Art should be a communal experience.  I’m not sure if the picture above communicates anything deep other than that God is good and beauty exists, but at least we can share that pleasant thought together.

Whenever we enjoy what God has created, we enjoy it together.