February Snow and Widescreen

02 February 2012

This is what February used to look like.

Recently, I received a new widescreen computer monitor (Asus ProArt 238Q).  It has a few minor issues with light bleeding around the edges, but it is still a major advance over my old monitor, and has caused me to look at many of my old photos in a new light.  Some old photos have a level of detail that I had never before really appreciated, so I’ve been reviewing a lot of them, and may share some here.

The photo above is from 2008.  I think it is interesting because at full size on a high resolution monitor, it has an almost dream like quality.

The other benefit of having a widescreen monitor is that now I can finally view the entire Intrepid Lutherans blog without having to scroll sideways back and forth.  For now, the plan is in the next year to hopefully transition Light from Light into a wider format as well.  That will allow photos to display here at a larger size.

Happy Leap Day, and God’s blessings to all the readers.