Intrepid Lutherans Conference 2012


The Intrepid Lutherans held their first ever conference on June 1 and 2, 2012 A.D. at Bethlehem Lutheran Church (WELS) in Oshkosh, WI.

After an excellent meal on Friday evening, the Rev. Robert Koester, an editor at Northwestern Publishing House, spoke against gender-neutral Bible “translations,” specifically the NIV-2011.  His presentation was enlightening and informative, as were all the presentations.


The rest of the presentations took place on Saturday.  Mr. Douglas Lindee, Jr. (pictured above) spoke about “how the culture wars have become religious wars among us.”

After lunch on Saturday, Pastor Luke Boehringer spoke about the dangers of “Church Growth Theology.”


Pastor Michael Berg (pictured above) spoke about “The Beauty of the Western Rite” and “how the complete Divine Liturgy fulfills the spiritual needs of our Pastors and people.”

Pastor Rydecki (pictured below, top) spoke about “what it means to be tied to the Book of Concord rather than to a church body, school, family, or ministerium.”


WELS Pastor Spencer (pictured above, bottom) moderated a discussion designed to help remove the facade in the WELS that we all agree on doctrine and practice, and that there are no problems in the WELS.  I was part of a panel that took part in that discussion.  I spoke about my experience in the WELS up until the time I discovered the Book of Concord in 2007.


After the conference was over, I thought that if I had had more time, I could have probably added at the end of my presentation, that four years later in 2011 (after discovering the Book of Concord and standing up for its doctrine), the leadership of my life-long home congregation terminated my fellowship with the WELS because I disagreed with my pastor and the District President.  Our disagreements centered on three doctrines:  First, I said that plagiarism was a sin.  Second, I said that faith is the gift of God only, and does not come from our works or choosing.  Third, I said that God does not need our service, because the word of God alone is sufficient to grow the Church.  They branded me a persistent errorist, and terminated our fellowship.  They said that because I disagreed with them, I had declared myself out of WELS fellowship.  I appealed their termination of fellowship, but the District Appeals Board denied my appeal without explanation.  Nonetheless, I continue to commune openly in a WELS congregation where the pastors are doctrinally orthodox and fully informed of this triangular fellowship situation.

Indeed, the concept that there are no serious issues in the WELS is a facade and a lie.  True unity comes from telling the truth, not hiding it.  I thank the Intrepid Lutherans for their worthy efforts to stand for and expose the truth, and hope that they are able to continue publishing and holding conferences.

To God alone be all the glory.