Race the Lake 2012


On Sunday, August 19, 2012, I participated in the fifth annual Race the Lake, a 90 mile bicycle race around Lake Winnebago.  When I first signed up for this race back in February my goal was to finish in less than five hours.  This goal became even more important to me because my mom passed away two weeks before the event.

My official finishing time was 4:59:59.7.  That is four hours, fifty-nine minutes, fifty-nine seconds, and seven-tenths of a second.  (Timing was done with electronic chips and sensors at the start and finish).  One might think that this is cutting it close for a ninety-mile bike race, but I did have two-tenths of a second to spare.

There were over 2000 bicyclists in the race, about 25% of whom did not finish.  I stopped at High Cliff for 15 minutes to stretch, eat, and refill my water bottles, but even with that layover was still able to maintain a 17.7 mile-per-hour average over the entire course of the race.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera, so I don’t have pictures of the actual event to share.  I had a lot on my mind, and did not fall asleep until 2 am, so when I got up at 3 am to get ready for the race I absentmindedly forgot my camera.  However, John M. Cooper Photography took pictures of the entire event.  If you would like to see their pictures of me in the event, click here.

The first wave of the race started at 5:45 am in Fond du Lac, and my wave left at about 6:30 am.  The picture at the top of this post is of the finishers’ medal I received after crossing the finish line back in Fond du Lac less than five hours later.  It was an amazing ride with some good bikers, and felt like a good finish.

The pictures below are of Lake Winnebago taken at High Cliff on a different day.


It is a beautiful lake, and on the day of the race, the weather was gorgeous.


Thank you mom for teaching me the importance of faith in Jesus alone, of standing up for what we believe, of dreaming big, and of trying even when we are tired.  I love you.

God bless.

Soli Deo gloria.


2 thoughts on “Race the Lake 2012

  1. Rick,

    Congratulations on completing your goal of breaking 5 hours on your “Trek” around Lake Winnebago. No doubt, a beautiful ride scaling the Niagra Escarpment and cruising on the lake road. Too bad the race wasn’t held a week earlier. I would of cheered you on since I was attending a wedding on top of High Cliff. It was a gorgeous day with ten or so eagles soaring overhead. I would bet that at the finish line in Fond du Lac that you didn’t take a plunge in the lake since it was a little on the green side the week I was in the area due to the extraordinary hot summer. Anyway, good job and keep trekin.’

    So sorry to hear of your mother’s passing. We and all believers have the assurance that she, right this moment, is in the very presence of our glorious God awaiting the resurrection. That is what we all anticipate and hope for. She taught you well and your adult life is a reflection of that Christian upbringing. I’m sure she was proud of her son and the remarkable achievements that he has accomplished through Him.

    PC Christian

  2. Thanks, Paul. “We live by faith, not by sight. We are confident, I say, and would prefer to be away from the body and at home with the Lord.” (2 Corinthians 5:6-8). The saints in heaven cheer on every Christian who nears the finish line. So let us fix our eyes on Jesus. (Hebrews 1:1-2).

    After the race, I sat by the lake, and looked at the many different types and colors of beautiful clouds.

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