We Should Enjoy God’s Creation Today


The photographs in this post were taken on the Fern Lake Trail in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado; September 24, 2012 A.D.


The pictures are displayed in the order they were taken.


Boulders and colorful aspen frame the trail.


One can’t hike the Fern Lake Trail without taking a picture of a fern.


When hiking, it is good to see the small picture as well as the large.  By God’s decree, there is beauty everywhere!


The relatively flat trail follows a meandering stream.


The picture above is one of my favorite pictures from the hike.


The trail passes through these rocks.


The yellow orange spots on the pine tree trunk on the right are a clear sign of a pine beetle infestation.  The pine beetles are destroying pine forests throughout much of the western United States.


Fall color adorns the Fern Lake Trail.


The trail climbs higher.


The mountain stream reflects skylight.

Actually, it’s called the Big Thompson River, and probably has a lot more water in the Springtime.


Above, a highlight of the trail is a waterfall and whirling waters known as “The Pool.”


The trail ascends up onto the side of the mountains.


The path climbs up through the sun dappled forest.


Fern Falls was the round trip point of the journey.  There wasn’t enough time to get to Fern Lake.  Hikers on the way back reported that there were two moose up at Fern Lake.  Maybe we will see them next year.


The majestic pine forest was the highest part of this hike.  Out of concern for rain and darkness and safety, it was time to hoof it back to the trail head.


Back on relatively flat ground, the sun came out, and allowed some time for a few pictures.

Below, the camera looks back to say good bye to Autumn color on the Fern Lake Trail.


The thunder clouds below were cracking with thunder and flashing with lightning.  Soon after leaving the trail head, a torrential downpour began high up in the mountains.


At lower elevations, there was a light rain.

A few weeks after these pictures were taken, this area around the Fern Lake Trail and The Pool was burned in a forest fire.  The fire burned about 700 acres.  As of this writing, the fire is contained, but still smouldering with some open flame.  (National Park Service October 2012 news releases).

We should be good stewards of all that God has made, and we should enjoy what He has given us while we have it.

Take nothing for granted.


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