Vote With Nobility


A Christian votes not in his own self interest, but rather out of concern for the interests of others.  All good men do that in every activity and every vocation.

Of our own making, our nation faces some steep challenges:

The federal government has $16 trillion of debt …  Last year we paid $230 billion in interest on that debt, so the average interest rate is a little over 2%…  Since 1970, the average interest rate paid on debt held by the public is 5.9%.  If interest rates returned to that average, our annual interest tab would rise by $400 billion…  The average interest rate on federal debt was highest in 1982, at 9.3%.  Returning to that level would add $800 billion to our annual interest bill, which is more than we currently spend on Social Security.

—”Three Facts About the Economy that Should Freak You Out,”
The Motley Fool.

Our debt is out of control because the government has been borrowing a trillion dollars a year.  We have already indebted future generations.  We are now on the edge of not being able to pay this debt in any generation.  That would mean bankruptcy for our country.  Are we going to turn away from our reckless borrowing and spending, and start acting responsibly?  Will we do so before it is too late?  Even now, we stand at the edge.


Probably no one on the ballot tomorrow will be of the same caliber as the men featured on Mount Rushmore.  However, I do know this: President Obama has not even tried to balance the budget, nor do I believe he will try in the next four years.  His irresponsibility with regard to our federal debt and the future of our country has been astonishing.  I will be voting for someone else, someone who might at least try.

We the people need true leaders who will not appeal only to our base self interests, but rather will also point us in the direction of responsible self sacrifice.

Tomorrow, on Tuesday, November 6, 2012, vote for what is right.  Vote with your conscience.  Vote with nobility.


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