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The Death You DeserveMy brother Jonathan is writing a fictional book called, The Death You Deserve, and he recently released the cover art for the book.  Jon is a Lutheran Christian, and I’m curious to see whether the title will lead to any theological or philosophical implications.  I’m planning to follow his efforts closely because I’ve also taken an interest in reading and writing fiction.

A recent book that I read, and can recommend is The Year of the Warrior by Lars Walker.  Lars is a somewhat well known Lutheran Christian author with numerous books already published.  The Year of the Warrior is a work of historical fiction set in the land of the Vikings.  It deals with topics of paganism, Christianity, swordsmanship, the supernatural, magic, history, and politics.  One topic that it did not cover, but one that that I would have enjoyed, was romantic love.  The Year of the Warrior had lust, but no real romantic love.  Overall, I liked it, and gave it three out of five stars on  I also added Lars’ Troll Valley to the list of books I’d like to read.


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  1. Have you read the two books following The Year of the Warrior? There’s “West Oversea” and “Hailstone Mountain.” Both are good, if you liked the first.

  2. Hi Nathan. Thanks for stopping by. No, I haven’t read the two sequels, but I’ll have to check them out. Thanks for the suggestion.

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