Chapters of Brother’s Book on Wattpad

The Death You DeserveMy brother Jonathan is writing a fictional book called, The Death You Deserve, and recently he has been posting chapters on Wattpad.

Writers post chapters of their books on Wattpad to get exposure and also to receive feedback.  For example, as a result of feedback, my brother rewrote the main character, Theel, to be more sympathetic.

I haven’t read the entire book yet, but I can say that it has R rated violence and adult themes such as suicide.  Also, it is a medieval fantasy and magic story.

Here are the opening two paragraphs of his book:

Theel turned the knife in his hand, aimed the point back at himself, and wondered if this was the day he would die.  There would be no one to mourn him if he did it.  Not his mother, who he’d never known.  Not his father, whose funeral gathering was just beginning outside the window.  And not his brother, who remained at his side, but only from a sense of duty.

Now with his father gone, Theel no longer owed anything to anyone.  His life was now his to do with as he chose.  Perhaps this should be his life’s first and last free choice.  Perhaps this knife, which had never tasted blood, should finally find its purpose, its home, in his hurting heart.

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I find the opening two paragraphs to be compelling, and look forward to seeing the full story in polished form.  Also, I am interested in following more stories written by Confessional Lutheran Christians.