Brother’s Book on

The Death You DeserveMy brother Jonathan just finished a novel called The Death You Deserve.  It’s available for purchase on

I purchased the book on Kindle, and have just started reading it, so I can’t give much of a review yet, but the title, the book cover, and the writing seem top notch.  (As a warning, the story has R rated violence, strange supernatural elements, and adult themes such as suicide).

There are already three reviews on, and all the reviewers seem to like the book quite a lot.  One said he is reading the book a second time already.  Another said that the author’s

original take on fantasy transcends the genre by bending it, not merely to be different, but to provide the reader with … a story as unpredictable as it is familiar, as fascinating as it is satisfying.

That comment interests me because I believe that truly good art subverts the worldly culture around us.  However, instead of calling such art subversive, some authors call it “superversive.”  By that they mean that instead of undermining the truth, the “superversive” work of art recognizes and affirms the truth, and in turn undermines the worldly culture.

Anyway, it’s all very exciting.  If you are interested in dark sword and sorcerer type stories with complex characters, please check it out.