Legitimate fear is not a phobia.

Telegraph-Charlie-Hebdo-IslamophobiaLast week, Islamist Muhammadans mass murdered people in France over cartoons deemed offensive to Islam.  In response, the British newspaper The Telegraph ran an article with the headline: “France faces rising tide of Islamophobia.”  It was subtitled: “Politicians try to calm fears, but the mass shootings at Charlie Hebdo follows a series of attacks across France.”

Yes, there has been a series of attacks across France, and these attacks were perpetrated by people who said they were following Islam.  I saw the video.  One of the attackers walked up to a wounded policeman who was lying on the sidewalk, and shot him in the head in cold blood.  This was coordinated.  This was organized.  This was devilish.  This was perpetrated by people shouting, “We have avenged the Prophet!”

Should I be afraid to criticize Muhammad or Islam on this blog?  If I do feel concern and fear, would that be a phobia?  Would that be an irrational fear?  Would that be a mental disorder?  Is it phobic merely to have fear?  No.  Legitimate fear is healthy because it can cause us to do research and to take necessary precautions.  A phobia, on the other hand, is an irrational fear.

Islamists have been fighting to conquer the world since the founding of Islam.  They may kill you if you reject Muhammad.  This is reality.  Recognizing reality is not a mental disorder.  Recognizing reality is not irrational.  Recognizing reality is not a phobia.

The real mental disorder afflicting the West is our denial of history and reality.  The real mental disorder is calling the recognition of reality a “phobia.”

Is France facing a rising tide of irrational fear?  Or are some of the French starting to express legitimate concern over a series of mass murders in the name of Islam?

I suspect that many journalists do censor themselves when it comes to Islam because they have legitimate fear, and not a phobia.  However, we need to stop calling legitimate fears “phobias,” show some courage, and start dealing with facts and truth.

The first question that must be asked is: Where do these Islamists get the idea of violent world conquest?  To what religion do these Islamists subscribe?  If it is not Islam, then what is it?  No matter the answer to that question, the fact remains that there is a murderous religion in the world with millions of followers, and its adherents call it “Islam.”  Whatever you call it, it is not a phobia to fear it.  This murderous worldwide movement is real.