Initial Reviews of “The Death You Deserve”

The Death You DeserveMy brother Jonathan just finished writing a novel called The Death You Deserve, and the initial reviews are already in and quite positive.

Said K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite:

The Death You Deserve is the first book in Wither The Waking World, a fantasy series by Jonathan Techlin.  Its central character is Theel, a lowly squire who desperately wants to be in control of his own life.  For now, at least, the orphaned Theel is bound to serve the King, and he sets off in search of a child called Blessed Soul, whom prophecy dictates will mend the broken world.  So begins an epic journey spanning a vivid new fantasy world, torn apart by war and populated by vicious characters and fascinating magical curses that young Theel must contend with to achieve his Warrior’s Baptism, and eventually his freedom.

I was drawn to this book because I felt as though it had a Game Of Thrones feel to it, and Jonathan Techlin did not disappoint me in that respect.  From the first page of The Death You Deserve, I was immersed in a vivid fantasy world with all the splendour, violence and bleakness that I’d hoped for.  I was also highly impressed with the delicacy and true emotional depth of the novel’s central character.  Theel is a charming, somewhat damaged hero who I feel any reader can connect with, and whilst reading of his quest I was genuinely concerned for his fate.  The world he inhabits is also detailed to the point of amazement, with locations that are a feast for a wordy brain, and folklore and history that proves Techlin to be a master of world-building.  This book is a hefty epic fantasy journey, but also one with a real heartfelt message at its core about what it means to grow up and find your future.

K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite.

Zane Stillings on Goodreads said:

the story cuts sharply between scenes of deep, tense drama and those of levity and comedy with equal skill.  It tells a story that feels at once archetypal and ancient, but in a way you haven’t seen it told before.  It delivers laughs, tears, tension and action in great, descriptive prose.  It gives you characters to love, to root for, to ruminate on.  Most of all, it envelops you in a world all its own, and makes you feel immersed in that world completely…  reading it will definitely put your brain to good use.  Can’t recommend this strongly enough.

Review by Zane Stillings on Goodreads.

Adam, a reviewer on, wrote:

If you are looking for an immersive high fantasy universe with some of the best action writing around, you have found the right book.  Jonathan Techlin is masterful in giving you what you want while also truly innovating in a genre desperate for fresh elements.  The Death You Deserve is cinematic in the way you can see every swing of the sword, defiant glare, and intimate moment in crisp detail while not bogging you down with vapid minutiae.  And if you think you know fantasy, wait until you see the twists Techlin has in store for you.  Techlin’s original take on fantasy transcends the genre by bending it, not merely to be different, but to provide the reader with a complete literary experience, a story as unpredictable as it is familiar, as fascinating as it is satisfying…  It receives my highest recommendation.

Review by Adam on

If you are interested in dark sword and sorcerer type stories with complex characters, please check it out.