Snow White Trees


We haven’t had much snow around here this Winter, and that put a big crimp in my Winter photography plans.  The pictures in this post are actually from last Autumn before Thanksgiving 2014.  They were taken at Rib Mountain near Wausau, Wisconsin.

I was passing through Wausau on a business trip, and planned to stop at Rib Mountain for the sunset.  Unfortunately, the end of daylight-saving-time threw off my calculations, and I arrived after dark.  It was still beautiful, but I didn’t have a powerful enough flash to light up entire trees.


If I stood far enough away to capture the entire evergreen tree above, then the flash was too weak.  So I got close, and captured half the tree.  Oh well.  I did want to post something wintery before the season ended.

March might be good for at least one big beautiful storm yet, but we’ll see.  Whether you enjoy the snow or no, may the Lord be with you.