Planned Parenthood Selling Human Body Parts Video

Words cannot express the horror.

Planned Parenthood is vile.  Monsters.  Mengeles.

Taxpayer funding of P.P. must stop.

For further reading, click here to search The Federalist for their latest articles on Planned Parenthood.


One thought on “Planned Parenthood Selling Human Body Parts Video

  1. Unfortunately, the American mainstream media is politicized and would be more upset with climate change deniers and perceived transgender prejudice than with what is happening with the death mill called Planned Parenthood. And the American people are collectively apathetic except for the small voices of outrage heard on mainly Fox News and on the Internet. The rest of our people, young and old alike, are just looking at their IPhones, scrolling Facebook, watching dumb reality shows, and twiddling their thumbs as Rome burns. Our government is corrupt, political correctness is in vogue not only in academia, but also pervades corporate values. In short, our country is dying.

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