Planned Parenthood Haggles Human Body Parts

This is the second video, and words still cannot express the horror.

Planned Parenthood is vile.

Who sells human body parts to pay for a Lamborghini?  Should we be surprised at the allegation that Planned Parenthood is selling human body parts?  Planned Parenthood’s

profit margins depend on women availing themselves of its child-killing services.  Its business, quite literally, is death…

An industry that feeds on suffering and death will inevitably attract some sociopaths.  Nice, normal people don’t typically choose to make a living by crushing babies and haggling over their organs…

But you don’t need an accountant to confirm the most significant discovery.  These people are monsters.  Planned Parenthood is a refuge for the sort of people who chat about the “crunchiest” way to kill a baby while they enjoy their lunch.  Worse, this isn’t just some nasty, private fetish.  Your tax dollars are paying them to do this!  Everyone cool with that?

— “Are Pro-Lifers Gloating About The Planned Parenthood Sting?
The Federalist.

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