Kirkus Reviews Magazine Reviewed My Brother’s Book

The Death You DeserveKirkus Reviews magazine reviewed my brother’s book, The Death You Deserve.  He was one of only 35 indie authors to be featured in their 15 November 2015 issue.  That is an honor in and of itself.  They said his story was, “An adventurous, deeply moral tale with all the trappings of high fantasy.”

I almost cannot conceive of a higher compliment for a book than to call it, “An adventurous, deeply moral tale,” and am proud that they thought so highly of the story my brother penned.

In this first volume of his series, Techlin effectively addresses such weighty issues as forgiveness within a family, faith and what it takes to regain it, and even what happens when people in power betray their souls for other aims…  Overall, the author has created a world that readers will want to spend time in, filled with characters who aren’t necessarily sympathetic but are always fully human.

Kirkus Reviews magazine.

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