A Photograph and A Confessional Meme


What can a picture say?

What does the above picture show?  First, the book is not sitting on a shelf.  Second, it is open, and being held open for reading.  Third, it has a bookmark showing that it is being studied.  Fourth, it is a copy of The Lutheran Confessions.  Fifth, light shines on the book from above.  The Lutheran Confessions reflect the light.  God’s word alone is the light of the world and the judge of all confessions.  “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights …”  (James 1:17, ESV).

To confess means to breathe out words of belief.  It is to say, “This is what I believe because this is true.”  It is a restatement of truth.

Unfortunately, most “Lutherans” in America do not even know what our Confessions say.  Our “unity” is not based on a common confession of truth, but rather our “unity” is based on politics or history.

However, a confession means nothing if it is not confessed, if it is not lived, or if it is not even known.  We should know our Confessions, and if we believe, then we should confess them in our practice.

Can a simple picture say that much?

Recently, someone used my photo to create an internet meme:


True theological unity is based on a common confession of truth.  It is not based on setting aside theological differences, and promising to be united.

The meme didn’t give me any credit for the original photo, but I’m glad that the truth is being promoted.  It is a good meme, and my thumb is proud to be a part of it.