Go Hiking


If the weather is right, get outdoors, and go hiking.  Enjoy what God has made.


God made the outdoors, it’s the best artwork around, and we can live right in it.

And don’t leave your friends (or family) behind.


These pictures are from the Ypsilon Lawn Lake Trail in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

God’s blessings to you.

Photo Sharing & Autumn Leaves

One of the benefits of internet photo sharing is the ability to receive input from others as to the quality of particular photographs.  The above photo was not originally one of my favorites, but a number of people have commented that they really like it.  One photographer nominated it as a “SuperShot,” another gave it a “SuperShot” award, and still another featured it in one of their galleries.  In this way, Flickr can be both fun and a useful peer review tool.

The picture is of biking on the Bearskin Trail in northern Wisconsin.  It’s not only a beautiful memory, but a beautiful picture as well.

This closeup of a leaf hasn’t received any awards, but I still like it.